Click2Pay Payment Method & Online Casinos

For compensating the latest restrictions within the U.S. which put off payment processing companies to accept business from players of U.S. Click2Pay now onwards, will not offer services for U.S. players.

Message to Players

For the players who are not U.S. citizens the services provided by Click2Pay are still an excellent way to make transfer of funds from or to online casino accounts.

Benefits of Using Click2Pay

Click2Pay is the latest banking solution, which provides an option to use credit cards for funding your virtual casino accounts. You might be aware of the fact that funding your casino counts with MasterCard and Visa is getting increasingly difficult. This is because of the latest banking legislations, which prohibits a number of issuing banks to accept credit card transactions, which comes from any of the activities reckoning online gambling.

A very quick and convenient way is offered by Click2Pay for making withdrawals and deposits in your casino account devoid of any problems regarding credit card rejections. You can quickly fund your account and Click2Pay also offers many different currencies, which can be used like British pounds, Euros and US dollars. This type of banking option is similar to other options out there that work like a sort of eWallet or an intermediary amid you and the casino. In this way, there is no credit card rejections as transactions will not be deemed related to online gambling.

You will be able to fund the Click2Pay account in an instant with the Click2Pay site by using a legitimate credit card, once you finish the process of signing up on the website and gets verified.


A drawback of utilizing credit card for making purchases deposits is that, you will charged a three percent transaction fee for the amount, which you will deposit. Another good option, and by which most of the people use the banking solution is by funding the Click2Pay account with the help of a direct transfer, direct debit or EFT. This alternative is entirely free and also completely safe as every transaction is encrypted. After you transfer funds to the Click2Pay account, you can proceed with transmitting funds to your virtual casino account.

Here, you will be asked your email address and the Personal Account Number and the sum that you want to transfer. Withdrawing from this account is also easy. You can withdraw by the way of EFT or check. EFT is a better option as it takes less time than checks. There than the three percent transaction fee nothing is negative about using Click2Pay. It is great to use it and one can easily fund their online gambling entertainment.