Online Craps Gambling Guide

A very popular offline and online casino game is the craps. This is the centre of attraction in many land based casinos. You can also find this game in online casino software. However, this game does not count towards betting with cashable bonuses, as one can bet on losing and winning results that minimize the variance.

The Rules of Craps Game

There are many online betting choices and complex rules in Craps. This game is hard to understand with the help of a summary. Therefore, it is recommended to play some rounds with the help of the practice mode.

Bets in Craps

  • Pass: this bet is the main bet in this game. In case, eleven or seven is rolled, then the bet wins, also gets the payment. When other numbers are rolled, a place indicator is kept on a box equivalent to that number. This is called the ‘Point’.
  • Don’t Pass: This bet is just the opposite of Pass Bet. If two or three rolls in the beginning, the bet wins as well as it is paid in the ratio of 1:1. When the initial roll is seven or eleven, the wager loses. The bet is a tie when the initial roll is twelve. Players keep on rolling until the point is rolled or a 7 is rolled.
  • Don’t Come: This bet has similar rules as well as the house edge like Don’t Pass Bet. However, this bet is done at a dissimilar time. A player can place this bet only on initial roll and then he can place come bet only on other rolls of Don’t Pass Bet.
  • The Buy Bets: a player can place buy bets on the point numbers, which are 4, 5, 8,9 etc. Similar to Pass Odds Bets , these bets also win only if the chosen numeral is rolled prior to a seven and this bet lose if seven is rolled prior to the chosen numeral. The main distinction amid the Buy Bets and Pass Odds wagers is that the former get a four to five percent commission whereas, Pass Odds Bets get no commission plus the house advantage is also 0 percent.
  • Hard Ways: This bet payout if die combination gets rolled prior to a seven.
  • Field: This bet pays when the following roll is two, three, four, nine, ten or eleven. The house advantage is 2.78 percent.
  • Seven: This pays in the ratio of 4:1, when the following roll is seven.
  • Yo Seven: It pays in the ratio of 15:1, when the following roll is eleven
  • Any Craps: It pays in the proportion of 7:1, when the following roll is two, three, or twelve.
  • One Roll Bets: These pays when the following roll is listed die combination.